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I am a Jill of many loves and passions yet they all come from one place - my desire to see, experience and know transformation. What is it to move from one state into the next?


My focus? What is it to move from a place of fear or stuck-ness to a place of freedom of expression, freedom to be the purest form of self.


That is what my passion is- that microscopic place where change resides or the moment someone decides to do or make a different choice to honor thyself.


I love that.


I love when it happens within in me and I love when it happens in others. I’m not prejudice to transformation and I’ll take it anywhere I can get it.


So how does that translate into video. 


Something happens when you turn a camera on. Many times it brings out the most superficial of us. It’s the ultimate place of feeling like you have to BE something and turn something on to look a certain way. 


It's the perfect catalyst.

What I love about who I am and coupling that with video is that through my process the camera falls away and truth comes to surface and not only is there an opportunity for transformation but its captured on video and ultimately the best way to connect with anyone. That gives me goosebumps. I love having the opportunity to see someone connect and to speak their truth and to capture that.


I think at the base of it all is TRUTH. And its the same thing I seek when I am facilitating a workshop for EVOLVE or submerged in a LOVE retreat or anything else I choose to take on. It’s all for the quest of truth, self discovery and to support transformation wherever possible.