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I am a Jill of many loves and passions yet they all come from one place - my desire to see, experience and know transformation.

What is it to move from one state into the next?


My focus? Moving from a place of fear or stuck-ness to a place of freedom, freedom to really BE me and rechoose that over and over. And my hope is that in whatever I do, I support you in having the courage to be YOU.


My passion is lies that microscopic place where change resides or the moment someone decides to do or make a different choice to honor thyself.


I love that.


I love when it happens within me and I love when it happens in others. I'm not prejudiced to transformation and I’ll take it anywhere I can get it.


2018 was a powerful year of transformation. It was a year of loss, many losses. And now I am learning about the gains. I'm taking time now, my time to support others and help them flourish. It feels fantastic.


And every day I feel free to unravel and free to reclaim the parts of me that I love. As I pick up the pieces and feel the inspiration move me I will send out smoke signals. ;) I know I will create heartwarming videos again and I know I will have another Camp CALYL- both light up my heart. 


If you are interested in either of those things, please feel free to send me a message about it, or encouragement or whatever lights your heart on fire. I still believe in the power of claiming our lanes and for now, I'm just letting that BE. It feels good to have the space to stretch out and feel like I am making a difference right where I am - doing exactly what I am doing.