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Clarity + Your Uniqueness = Your Superpower

YES, when you get clear about what you really want and realize that your SUPERPOWER lies in your uniqueness, then anything becomes possible.
VidBits gives you the vehicle to make that kind of impact.

I'm offering you an opportunity to set yourself apart.

Do you want more clients?

Do you want more visibility?

Do you want to make more of an impact? 

Do you want to feel confident about what you are doing?

Do you want the hottest new product on the market.

What you need to know about VidBits

The Video Business Card.

It's a 15 second video, custom built for you based on a discovery process and a 90 minute 1:1 coaching call.   You simply answer questions and provide images if necessary. We make it easy.


Check out the video below to learn more about how it works

Why is Claiming Your Lane the secret sauce?

"Claiming your lane" means you actually claim your gift. You may be clear about what you do, example sell real estate but are you clear about what sets you apart?


Claiming your lane is the differentiator.

It's about recognizing the thing that you do-

      'the thing that only you can do, in the way that you do it'  

IS the gift.

It is your gift  

The VidBit process will bring it and you to life in a unique and shareable way.

If your message isn't clear then the path to you isn't either.








VidBits resolves that so customers can say Yes to You!

Q & A

something else to think about

The business card was introduced in the United States in 1890-

Don't you think it's time for an upgrade?

Q  I looked at the VidBits examples and I'm not exactly sure what I would create; a personal card or highlights of the heart of my service?

A  Great question- And you don't need to know the answer to any of that going into this process. Because this is a process. You will be guided and have an opportunity to get super clear on what you want to provide. So even if you already know exactly who you are speaking to and exactly what you are offering, this process gives you the opportunity to flush out the details. 15 seconds can go by quick and it's my job to take what you give us and represent you in the most clear and authentic fashion.

Q  I have a couple things that I offer. Should I make multiple VidBits?

A  The answer to this is tricky. It might mean that you need multiple VidBits or it might mean that you're going to get really clear in the process and see that you have been holding on to multiple projects because you want to help everyone. During the 1 on 1 session, we will go deep on "claiming your lane" and what that means for you. Maybe you only need one VidBit after all.

And there's a chance that making a second VidBit is appropriate for you. We will know when we get there.

VidBits 2017

What people are saying about the VidBits experience

The call was amazing—when we wrapped up a little over an hour later I had a crystal CLEAR and focused plan of the direction my business will take.  I finally feel excited again about what I am doing, and I know the next steps to take.  No more floundering!  And as an added bonus, I will have the coolest business card out there that reflects exactly what I do and who I am.  Thank you so much Ashley—working with you has far exceeded my expectations!"

-Gwen Irwin, author



Working with Ashley on a vidbit was far more powerful than a 15 second video. The video is awesome, but it was the process to get to the video that helped the most, as she pulled the why I do what I do out of me... something I've had a hard time defining myself. This was just the start of unlocking a deeper look at my passion and purpose for my work, and yet it was more powerful than I thought it would be going in. Thanks Ashley...more to come!

-Carol Miller, Global Hugs


Just want to share with everyone how impressed I am that Ashley was able to pick-up on what has eluded me for years- all within less than an hour! What a genius! If I had 3 thumbs, they'd all be up! THANK YOU!

- Maggie Mongan, Business Coach

Ashley's invaluable process helps you get to the core of what makes your business unique and excellent, so this magic can be conveyed in a Vidbit.

-Jason Freeman, Speaker

What this offer includes:

A one of a kind 15 second Video Business Card

A discovery process which includes a 90 minute coaching call

Clear vision for your business

Follow up support on how and where to use your VidBit

And here's what that will do for you:

Are you ready to Claim Your Lane?

Custom VidBit

From discovery process to completed VidBit video

Let's do this!

Regular price       $997

Founders price    $497

(limited time)

Gives you a digital, shareable business card that you can put on your website, use as an email signature, place as your business Facebook Banner, or simply text to a potential client either as a file or from the VidBits Youtube link which will contains everything someone needs to know about you. (new uses being discovered by our team everyday)


It's an up to date introduction of what you offer in your unique way.

It's current. And it makes an impact because it captures the heart of what you do.

What happens next?


Once you purchase the VidBit offering, you will immediately receive a welcome video and a link to begin the process.

You'll answer some questions which will give us the feedback we need to know where on you are on your path.

Once you've completed the assessment then next you'll be prompted to setup your 1:1 coaching session.

Your VidBit goes into production. 




Throw your paper business cards away and get your custom VidBit today!

Custom VidBit

Regular price       $997

Founders price    $497

(limited time)

VidBits is a heart based company whose mission is to support people in claiming their lane and living in their truth.

VidBits fosters authentic connections.

Together we can make a positive impact in the world by shining our lights.


Making a difference one VidBit at a time!

VidBits 2018