freedom rings

It begins with a word. Writing again. How many beginnings and how many times will I stop and start again. I guess that's the true nature of a rollercoaster ride. My life has led me through twists and turns but this bus stop called 2020 is almost hard to pin down.

It has brought to surface all that is unbearable and also the presence of the moment like never before. The urge to be somewhere is silenced. I find contentment easier. Yet on a parallel road I'm uneasy. I find myself holding more than one thing, more than thought that often contradict each other. I already want to stop writing. But I won't like everything else I can't go around it or avoid what is stirring inside me. I will keep writing and find the space in me where expression and truth lives. It's hard to distinguish everything but I have faith that if I keep writing I will uncover it. My freedom which lives in my heart, beating to its on drum will beat again. One step at a time. Here we go.

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