"get inspired" is born

Have you ever felt so inspired and paralyzed at the same time. I feel like I have mastered this place. It's not something I celebrate yet it's been my journey and as all journeys go you can't skip a step, especially when you think you can.

These past few years have been a maze of the unknown, testing my strength and my heart. Around every corner a moment to make me stop and really look at who I am and if my value is something I decide or left for someone else to define. It's a hard lesson and after many years I think I finally got it but not without a lot of loss and bruising along the way.

When 2020 came around I was ready for my year to shine, to reclaim my place to stand in my new found relationship with my worth and value. I felt the courage coming in and then....everything changed.

2020 brought a whole new world to experience- one where everything would be brought to surface, tested, stretched and emptied out all in an effort to make sense of so much that doesn't make sense. I have grappled with my own humanity and have spent much time in silence trying to understand my purpose in it all.

How do I show up in a way that helps. Is that even possible? I have stayed mostly quiet. I have waited for my internal guidance.

And here is what showed up.

I am so blessed to have experienced so many teachers over the years. Teachers that have opened my eyes, taught me stillness, taught me how to see what I couldn't see before and most of all taught me how to cultivate grace in my life. I am grateful for all of their voices. So many beautiful inspired voices that have made me a better person and a person that knows

that the answers to all of this are within. We have the capacity to bring so much love and light to the world and I hope these messages remind you of that. Some voices might resonate with you and some may not and that's ok. Take what lines up and share it, live it and use it to activate your heart.

I hope to inspire you to take inspired action in your life- whatever that means for you. May you be filled up and reminded that love unites us all and together we can do great things.

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