words of my past

(I just found this from a few years back)

We find more of the same.

more distraction and more yearning to be something


Yet- In the stillness

we become resolute.

we see and feel and know 

our alignment.

To feel the frustration

is to know our own resistance.

You have this one precious life

live it, love it,

be the YOU that is screaming 

to be seen, to be known.

You have this amazing ability

this genius

this one of a kind thing

that’s only yours to claim.

It is up to you to give it wings.

To let it be free.

to Claim it.

Claim your lane

Today's Reflection: As I read my words from the past, words that came

from a time of grieving and wanting so desperately to reinvent myself. My work is alway "my" work. And that is why this Blog is an opportunity for me to continue to do my work and to use this platform to write if even for me to have something to reflect on. Claiming my lane will always be a part of me especially as the terrain continues to change and none more than this year of 2020.

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