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Discover the Vidbits process

What you need to know about VidBits


- is a 15 second video business card that can be stored and sent from your phone.

- provides a process to help entrepreneurs get clear about their message.

- is a tool to help you target your audience.

- will revolutionize the business card industry.

- is a heart based company.


What happens when you sign up for a VidBit in Beta

First you are placed into a Beta Group which gives you access to the private Facebook group.

There will be two live Zoom calls with your beta group and Ashley. (creator of VidBits- reference above 

There will be some fun work shared in the private group and then each member will schedule a 90 minute 1 on 1 session with Ashley.

In the 1 on 1 session, clarity will be reached and you will Claim Your Lane and together we will draft out your 15 second VidBit.

Within a weeks time you will receive your first draft.

You will have two revisions.

Final product will be delivered via Dropbox.

***The VidBits App is in development. Upon its completion the App will house your VidBit and so much more.

Q & A

Q  I looked at the example VidBits and I'm not exactly sure what I'm shooting for a personal card or highlights of the heart of my service?

A  Great question- And you don't need to know the answer to any of that going into this process. Because this is a process. You will be guided and have an opportunity to get super clear on what you want to provide. So even if you already know exactly who you are speaking to and exactly what you are offering, this process gives you the opportunity to flush out the details. 15 seconds can go by quick and it's my job to take what you give us and represent you in the most clear and authentic fashion.

Q  I have a couple things that I offer. Should I make multiple VidBits?

A  The answer to this is tricky. It might mean that you need multiple VidBits or it might mean that you're going to get really clear in the process and see that you have been holding on to multiple projects because you want to help everyone. During the 1 on 1 session, we will go deep on "claiming your lane" and what that means for you and you might find that you only need one VidBit after all.

And there's a chance that making a second VidBit is appropriate for you. We will know when we get there.


When I first heard about Ashley’s VidBit project I was intrigued, and I knew I wanted to be involved.  But I had no idea how life/business changing it would be!  As I started into the process I realized that I had no clarity around what my business was all about—I just had this broad set of offerings, not wanting to leave any potential clients out.  After Ashley reviewed my blog, website, book, and offerings, and the answers to some questions she posed, we got on the phone together.  The call was amazing—when we wrapped up a little over an hour later I had a crystal CLEAR and focused plan of the direction my business will take.  I finally feel excited again about what I am doing, and I know the next steps to take.  No more floundering!  And as an added bonus, I will have the coolest business card out there that reflects exactly what I do and who I am.  Thank you so much Ashley—working with you has far exceeded my expectations!"

Gwen Irwin



So, if you want to get on the ground floor and be part of something pretty special... Then join the Beta group- 

The price is $249- it will go up.

Women's Beta

Men's Beta

VidBits Beta Group
Process and Product  - Starts Oct 25th
VidBits Beta Group
Process and Product  - Starts Oct 23rd
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